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Pedal or Not! Be a kid again.

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Pedego Electric Bikes: Comfort, Quality, Style, and Efficiency.

Pedego Europe is the European wide distributor for the stylish, exciting, fun and growing Pedego electric bike range. We are based in the UK but have a growing distribution network across Europe of independent bike dealer and Pedego Exclusive Stores. Explore the site for all the bike options available in Europe and the closest dealer to you. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


Contact Us: - +44 (0)203 239 4722 (This is an “Online” number – we are based in Gloucestershire, UK)

Learn About Pedego Bikes

Read what our loyal customers have to say about riding their Pedego E-Bike.


Find a Pedego Dealer

Examine the map and the list of dealers

Shop online for your perfect bike

Take a close look at the complete range of bikes on offer in all frame colours, tyre package and battery combinations. Over 270 available combinations!


Pedego - A Global Brand

Pedego are a growing global brand. See where we are on the map.


Pedego Sports Watches

Send us a picture of you and your bikes and a Pedego watch is yours.

Resident of Gloucestershire

Pedego Europe is headquartered in Gloucestershire, UK. 10% off for all Gloucestershire residents

E-Bikes: Fitness, Fun and Functionality.

Yes you can get fitter and lose weight using and electric bike. You still have to pedal and be active to use the motor, but because of the electric assistance you will be be capable of travelling further and want take more trips on two wheels. With a Pedego electric bike you are in complete control of how much or little effort you put in. All Pedego electric bikes are fitted with a 5 level pedelec system and a variable speed throttle only option. So no matter what your fitness levels or hills you have to conquer, a Pedego electric bike gives you complete capability and control.

Yes it is huge amounts of fun. The biggest problem our customer face is getting bugs in their teeth when they ride as you cannot help smiling all the time when riding a Pedego electric bike. One of the greatest pleasures in this business is seeing people ride a Pedego electric bicycle for the first time. The joy and surprise at just how good they are never fails to express itself.

Yes it is practical. Pedego electric bikes are blissfully simple to operate and they get you from place to place with minimal fuss. You will be inclined to use it more as it is easy and fun to ride. The car gets used less and you exercise more.

The Electric Bike: Both Eco-Friendly & Fashionable.

Pedego is one of the World’s most recognisable electric bike brands. We have taken what often looks drab, ugly and boring and injected a healthy dose of charisma and fun into the world of electric bikes.

We offer a diverse range of specifically designed electric bikes in a huge choice of colours and styling options, allowing you to custom build your own electric bicycle right here on this website.

Take a couple of minutes to explore all the options and to read some customer testimonials, watch some informative videos, and learn about our exceptional products. We take a lot of pride in our work, and it is our most earnest aspiration to get you out on the road and enjoying your ride to work by offering you the most fun means of transport you can possibly imagine.

Order with us or contact your local dealer to find out more

Purchase through the online store incurs a delivery charge. Contact us direct to arrange a bank Transfer and delivery is free of charge